Sustainable Baking with Ellen Davies

Sustainable Baking with Ellen Davies


These days, trying to find eco-friendly, sustainable baked goods can be difficult. A lot of shop bought cakes are made in a continuous production line. The massive amount of energy the ovens and machines in these factories eat up result in a huge carbon footprint. Another contributing factor to this is the bread miles used. Bread miles are the extra road miles used up by lorries and vans transporting factory made bread to stores. In the U.K an estimated extra 130 road miles are caused by the transportation of bread every year, that’s a lot of CO2 emissions!

But you can do your part to create sustainable and eco friendly baked goods.


From locally sourcing your ingredients to eco friendly production methods such as no bake recipes, there’s plenty of options for sustainable baking.

You could go down the vegan route, there are so many vegan alternatives in baking that it’s hard to go wrong. There’s dairy free butter, egg substitutes, soy or nut milk, and plenty of other substitutes. However if your favourite cake recipe calls for egg, full fat butter or cream, then you can always swap out the cheaper shops own version of these ingredients to the slightly more expensive but more kind to the environment option. For example, try swapping out the cheaper eggs from caged hens, to organic, free range eggs.

Shopping locally is also a great option! Try visiting a local pop up market for your everyday products, such as milk, eggs and butter. These will all have come from a farm about 1 hour from your doorstep. In Swansea there are so many pop up markets you can choose from! There’s the Uplands street market that comes around on the last Saturday of every month, the Marina market that is on every Sunday, and the market in the city centre which has all you could need..

You can also think about cutting down on plastic and waste when buying your ingredients. In Sketty, Swansea, a new plastic and zero waste shop has opened called Balance the World. It will be full of all the home basics you could need and all the basic ingredients you could need to bake a cake, just minus the unnecessary wrappers and plastic bags!

Recently I’ve been working on a few new vegan no bake recipes. Which are perfect for the summer when it’s too hot to use the oven and for when you want to save a little bit of energy by keeping the oven off!

The recipe I’m currently testing out is a raw vegan, no bake treat. I won’t give too much away but this recipe if the perfect example of sustainable and eco friendly baking! No animal products are needed, the ingredients are organic and locally sourced, and no energy is wasted on powering an oven. I’m so excited to share this recipe with you! A few more tweaks and it will be ready for you all to make yourselves!

I hope a few of these easy tips and changes will help encourage you to try more eco friendly and sustainable baking. Thanks for reading!

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