From bass to bands - Homegrown music events.

From bass to bands - Homegrown music events.

The past two weekends have been very music based for me, experiencing both sides of the coin. Last weekend involved helping set up marquees and bars for a one day event back at home, Bass in The Woods. An afternoon and evening of DJ sets, dirty drops and filthy footwork. This weekend saw some  more filthy footwork, however there were more instruments, tents and hay-bales present.

Both events comprised of homegrown, local talents and with the support from friends and family have grown into events with wider appeal drawing in a diverse audience of music lovers

Not Too Shabby Events has gone from friends within a university sport club having get togethers at a house listening to music and playing drinking games, to 450 people being shuttled by coaches for a day of DJ sets in marquees with lasers, smoke machines, BBQ food and bar service within its own community of people. It’s become an event groups of friends frequent and from word of mouth this weekend saw the biggest event put on yet.


The ethos of NTS events is to ‘not be a dick’. You turn up, have a good time and then get shuttled back to your respective areas back in the city.

This weekend saw the highest number of attendees coming to dance along to the likes of local DJs SuziJ, Tintertone, Sonickraft and MCraw. For the first time a live band played, surf/skate band Fins ‘n' Tins took the stage early in the day, setting the tone for a day of drinking and dancing around. It’s always great meeting people at these events, hearing about how they heard about it, what they study at uni and inevitably ending up having a boogie and grand ol’ time with them.

One weekend bought together and organised by a group of my friends was followed by another created by a group of friends, family and community a few miles east.


Inglefest is a independent music festival in its 4th year, showcasing up-and-coming artists from the the vibrant Bristol music scene and beyond. This year they moved to a 1000 capacity camping site, what started as an around-the-campfire jam has grown with a line-up spanning three stages and over thirty acts.

I heard about Inglefest through my friend whose brother and friends had attended in previous years. I was told a few weeks ago about a group ticket, threw my money in the pot and waited for the weekend to arrive.

En route I didn’t really know what to expect from the weekend. I’d listened to the playlist comprising of some of the acts performing over the weekend and got vibes of sitting in a field, drinking beer with my friends in the sun taking in the music. What I got wasn’t far off that but it left me with so much more.

I love attending live music events. I love watching the bands/singers/performers, dancing around, singing along to songs together, meeting new people and having conversations you’d never think you’d have with borderline strangers.

Walking on to the site to my left was a pool of pitched tents, to the right were the three stages, and all around music  was playing, an accompaniment to happy people settling into the start of their weekend. It was Midsummer, the longest day, and every second was amazing.


My two friends and I were the last of our party arrive, so we started off by tracking down our campsite and group. It didn’t take long as wizards staffs had been constructed and they towered over tents, easily to spot from within the other tents.

After embracing old friends, meeting and chatting with new weekend pals, sinking a few beers and eating some food we went off to the stages to listen to some music. I found myself (as I often do) being the last of my group standing, so as I do I made new friends. Chatted with anyone who would reciprocate to my shit chat, sat and sang along with mini acoustic jams taking place in the forest session area and also ended up being coerced into joining in with the silent disco.

Saturday morning saw everyone sliding out of their tents around 8am to glorious sunshine. A group coffee trip saw us all caffeinated and perched in the sun waiting for one of our campmates set to start in the Forest Sessions.

I spent most of the day hopping between sets in the shaded forest tent to perching in the sun on hay bales with the pals drinking beers, dancing around to sets and taking photos of everyone having a great time on and off stage.

The sun set whilst we were at camp playing some games and preparing ourselves for the evening. It saw more funky acts take to the stage, I spent most of my evening with people we’d been camping with and we ended up dancing around like fools to the silent disco for a bit before heading back to camp. Not being tired or ready to settle down I found myself around a campfire singing along to music with others still awake.

Sunday morning saw a touch of rain, cooling the temperature after the scorcher on Saturday. We moseyed along and packed up camp and everyone went their separate ways.

I met some great people this weekend and had an amazing time, it’s made me realise how much I need music and events in my life. Just coming together on common ground, finding likeminded people to have a chat or dance with is imperative and being able to build a community around that is an amazing feat.

Two very different weekends, both built from friends getting together sharing their music and having good times.

Here’s to many more weekends like these!

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