Quick fire Questions with thebare.co

Quick fire Questions with thebare.co

What's your business called?

The Bare Co.

Where are you based?

We are based in the beautiful seaside town of Barry in South Wales. We are surrounded by beaches and bays making it a beautiful place to live and work.

What is your craft?

We make eco-friendly candles using 100% soy wax and organic wooden wicks. We hand pour our candles form our home in Barry making every candle unique in its own little way!

What made you want to start?

A passion for everything handmade combined with a desire to find sustainable products led to The Bare Co. We wanted to create a plant based product that is affordable and sustainable, whilst also looking and smelling beautiful!

Where did the inspiration for the bare name and logo come from?

Inspiration for our name came from our vision of a brand and product that is minimalist in its design and its environmental impact. The logo of the bear reflects our love for animals and all things nature. Plus, who doesn’t love a bear?!


If you had the opportunity to undergo the project of a lifetime what would you do?

One day I would love to turn our small business into a social enterprise by providing training and employment opportunities to people who face barriers to employment. This would be a dream project!

What is your favourite part of what you do?

There’s so much I love about The Bare Co. I love creating a beautiful product from scratch and knowing exactly what has gone into it. I also love providing other people with the option of choosing a sustainable product they can trust.

How long have you been a business?

We have been developing our brand since January 2019. This has involved sourcing our UK suppliers, testing our fragrances and building our website. We will be launching our website at the end of October which we are really excited about!


What's your favourite smell?

I think it has to be the smell of Autumn in the air - the smell of damp leaves on the ground mixed with the crisp, fresh air and fire smoke. It doesn’t get better than that!

What would be your advice towards being more sustainable and environmentally conscious?

My one piece of advice would be to think before you buy. As consumers we need be making conscious choices that are sustainable. Until global changes are implemented from the top, it’s up to us as consumers and small businesses to make choices that are better for us and for the planet.


Thank you so much Amy for answering our questions about your venture! We can't wait to order some candles from your website when it launches!

Keep an eye out on the website and their social media for updates on their journey.



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